Jeremy Flohr (Utrecht, 1984) is filmmaker and visual storyteller. Whether Jeremy produces filmportraits, poetryfilms or documentaries, his work is at the intersection of colonial history, personal stories and social themes. 

''Dutch coloniality has been deeply rooted in both of my parents’ family histories. The impact of colonialism for me, is that in my upbringing, language has never been part of transferring indigenous cultural norms and values. Which resulted in displacement when it comes to expressing emotions in words. As a creative, I’m very close to my feelings. So to express feelings and emotions, I’m using film instead of words as a language to tell stories.''

Intrigued by inspiring people and their personal stories of historically marginalized groups; with his sensitive feel for storytelling and unique eye as a filmmaker, Jeremy keeps uncovering stories the world needs to know, needs to hear, or better yet, needs to see. 

Jeremy teaches at schools and give classes at universities like ArtEZ (University of the Arts). 


Jeremy Flohr is part of  the Beyond Walls collective based in Amsterdam. And one of the founders of the Beyond Walls foundation.

''As a collective of creative minds, Beyond Walls uses the power of art, research and storytelling to amplify diaspora and community voices.''


2022-2023 (June - January) Amsterdam Ancestors, City Archive, Amsterdam 

2022 (February - June)  Revolusi!, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (with BEYOND WALLS) 

2020-2021 (October - February) Waterlooplein. De buurt binnenstebuiten. Jewish historical museum, Amsterdam (with Riboet)


2022 Winner best poetryfilm, Jangan Lupa, International Poetryfilm Festival Weimar (poetry by Robin Block)

2021 Winner best poetryfilm, Jangan Lupa, Dutch Poetryfilm Festival (poetry by Robin block)

'Jangan Lupa toont sterke, weloverwogen stilistische keuzes waaruit fijnzinnig vakmanschap blijkt, zowel in het gesproken woord als in de beeldtaal. Het is de eenvoud die het tot zo'n groots werk maakt. De poëziefilm beschikt over iets ongrijpbaars dat hypnotiseert, fascineert én intrigeert. Het resultaat: beelden en woorden die je niet meer loslaten.’

- Juryrapport Dutch Poetryfilm Festival 2021 -

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