Jeremy Flohr is filmmaker, visual storyteller and audio producer with a Bachelor of Law in his pocket. His work is at the intersection of colonial history, personal stories and social themes. He has made films for, the August 15 National Remembrance Day, Groenlinks and National Committee 4 and 5 May, among others. Jeremy's films have been shown in museums and exhibitions, including The Hague Historical Museum and the Jewish Historical Museum in The Netherlands.

For Mapping Slavery he produced the series Traces of Slavery together with Nancy Jouwe and Babs Gons in 2018. Currently he works on the Read My World project Gentrified Stories, about the impact of gentrification in various city districts in Amsterdam. He is also socially involved in his hometown Utrecht where he gives masterclasses in the Overvecht district. 

Intrigued by inspiring people and their personal stories, his sensitive feel for storytelling and unique eye and style as a filmmaker, Jeremy loves to keep uncovering stories the world needs to know. 


Jeremy Flohr is part of  the Beyond Walls collective. Beyond Walls is a platform founded by Suzanne Rastovac, historian and curator of public programs and cultural projects.



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